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Thank you for visiting our website. Evergreen Landscape & Maintenance of Southern Utah has been serving Washinton County since 2012. We specialize in Lawn and Yard Maintenance In the St George Utah area and offer a large variety of landscape services.


We understand that you are busy! Let us free up your time by maintaining your yard. We are licensed and insured and can provide you with a list of happy clients as a referral.


The owner of our company is onsite most of the time and can answer any of your questions. We have excellent communication skills and as s a home owner, you want to be able to voice your ideas and opinions about your yard. We understand the importance of communication and also guarantee a 24 hour call back period.


We charge by the month, not by the visit. Each yard is different and some require more attention at certain times of the year. Lawns and yards in Southern Utah need more water and attention during the summer months. We feel like it makes more sense to charge by the month so home owners know the exact cost each month. We are very confident that you will love our service and offer a month to month agreement rather than contracts.


Yard maintenance in St George Utah is challenging for Home owners. A number of steps need to be taken to ensure a green health lawn, and healthy plants, shrubs and trees thru out the hot Southern Utah summer.

Early spring in St George is a good time to prepare your lawn and yard for summer heat. We recommend watering less frequently in the spring with longer durrations. This allows the root system of your lawn or plants to establish lower in the ground. Once the summer heat begins, we recommend going more frequently with less durration. Sprinkler control boxes can be challenging to program. Call us today for a free estimate on your yard and we can take a look at your watering cycles.

Proper treatments in the spring are also highly recommended. To keep weeds from germinating, we use a pre-emergent in the rock areas of your yard as-well as in your lawn. This prevents early season weeds from coming up. We also recommend aerating a fertilizing your lawn. On some occations, we also de-thatch / power rack to allow grass to breath properly. With the right prepartions, your Southern Utah lawn and yard will flurish through those hot summer months.

Grubs in St George Ut are also a problem. We highly recommend a spring grub and fungus preventative application. For more information about grubs in Southern Utah, click here.


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