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Desert Scapes in St George UT
Desert landscapes in St George Utah

With the small amount of rainfall that we receive each year in St George Utah, its a good idea to design your yard as with water conservation in mind. Desert scapes if properly designed can be naturally beautiful and blend well with our Southern Utah environment. Many of the desert plants are hardy and need very little water. We have a wide selection of decorative rock in Southern Utah which allows us to add accents to your yard and create a wide pallet of brilliant colors.

As mentioned before on our site, your front yard space is more about curb appeal and less about entertainment. Most would agree that your back yards privacy creates a better ambience for relaxation and entertaining guests. With that in mind, we recommend a minimalistic approach in regards to water usage in the front yard. Hybrid and low scape yards are great for our area and require little maintenance. A small lawn surrounded by desert plants can be very eye catching and add great value to your Southern Utah home.


Each of our Southern Utah yard installs are custom designed and are created around the homeowners preferences. No two homes or lots are the same so we take that same approach in designing your yard. Desert scapes are great for some families but aren't for everyone, especially families with small children. Our local rock yards and plant nurseries are a great resource for homeowners to see the many options available to them in St George.    

Desert Scapes in St George Utah

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