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We offer full service landscaping in Southern Utah. No job is too big or too small. We have the right equipment and knowlegde to get the job done right the first time. There are a few things we like to point our to home owners when considering their new landscape. 


When designing your landscape, keep in mind that the front yard landscape is the first thing people see of your house. We all want to beautify the neighborhood and make a good impression.

The front yard provides spaces to showcase features like flower beds, dry river beds, a flagstone walkway or exotic desert plants. focusing on elements that add curb appeal to your front yard will increase value to your Southern Utah property if you ever decide to sell. A nice landscape can significately boost the value of your home.

Many home owners approach the front yard design thinking they want a large lawn for recreation and relaxation. This is fine if you don't mind being out in the open. Many times it turns into alot of maintenance work for the amount of use it receives. We recommend a beautiful front yard to showcase an integrated design, but not with the intention of being used as a place for guest entertainment of recreation. 

Fences and Walls are important to keep in mind when designing your landscape. Nothing provides privacy more than a fence or wall. Not every home and front yard should be fenced but it is an option to consider. Paths and Walkways can add interest to a formal approach to the front door by making the walkway meander. Create flowerbeds that border both sides of the walkway.


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