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Evergreen Landscape and Maintenance of St George offers planting services in all of Washington County. Although we can plant most anytime of the year, we recommend doing the bulk of your planting in the early spring or late summer months. This will allow your plants to get established before the hot summer or the dormaint winter season.


A fertile, nutrient rich soil is key when planting trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers. Sunlight exposure and the amount of water they receive will make a huge difference in the health of the plant. The soil in St George Ut is rich in clay which creates a problem with water drainage. Many desert type plants want their roots to remain dry 75% of the time. When preparing holes for planting, we always go beyond the recommended width and depth for the specified plant, filling the additional space with fertile soil. This will ensure the root system can establish and flourish. 

Landscape Planting Services in St George Ut
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